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About BCD Consulting
BCD Consulting proposals are created to stand out among other competing applications for grants. We do not accept all orders to gain sales. We conduct a pre-screening process on the clients’ eligibility to apply for funding support. Our commitment to provide you an effective grant proposal starts right from the time you inquire about our service. We will only say “yes” to you after we have thoroughly assessed your eligibility and your project’s viability. 
Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Founder and Chief Consulting Officer, Bobby Daniels, Certified in Fund Development and a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, is a proven professional with sound grant development and writing skills, and has a sincere passion for helping others.

From January 2001-April 2011, he served as the Development & Communications Director for Project Return, Inc., a nonprofit, reentry organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Middle Tennessee’s prison population for the good of the community as a whole. Over the past decade, Bobby has developed and been the primary architect of more than $10 million in awarded grants and contracts. Read more ...
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
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Why BCD Consulting?
In the tough competition of grant applications, what you need is an effective grant proposal that will convince funders that your project is worthy of their support.  BCD Consultant’s proposals are created with the ultimate goal of delivering comprehensive, credibly factual proposals that will stand out when placed beside other competing grant proposals.  With over 10 years of successfully operating in the industry, BCD’s founder has fully embraced the way foundations and government agencies award grant and financial assistance.  Operating with this in mind, we emphasize the worth of your project/program to the community and how it will bring about significant changes in you, and more importantly, in the people it will directly benefit.  Undoubtedly, our proposals are built on careful analysis, professional presentation, and thorough research. 

Please know that we are keenly aware that nothing in life is guaranteed, nor will we ever attempt to offer such absolutes in the delivery of our services.  Applying for a grant is an intricately demanding work ... and we understand how important it is for the nonprofit organization to generate necessary funds to not only realize their individual missions and visions, but to survive and thrive in today's competitive financial arena.  Accordingly, you can be well-assured the BCD Consulting will provide professional grant making services at fees that nonprofits can afford.   Our rates will always be based on an organization's unique needs, and profit alone will never serve as the bottom line.
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