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Consultation Guidelines
After more than a decade in the world of non-profit consultation and grant writing, BCD’s founder came to the realization that “FREE” evidently means “NO VALUE” to some people.  He also concluded that many people cannot possibly value the skill, time and energy that proposal writing entails.  Too many seemingly think that you pull the research and the writing from thin air and simply fill in blanks.  Some think of it as a clerical function rather than as a professional service. 

As a result, our agency will only contract and write for organizations that have a well-defined mission and a strong commitment to that mission, plus a desire for self-sufficiency.  We will strive to never write when the bottom line is exclusively money — there is a significant difference between "getting money" and "funding programs.”

Upon completion of a Request for Service form, a Project Services Agreement will be created that will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • BCD will provide the requesting entity an estimate of the time required to write a grant proposal or complete a related service before writing or work begins.

  • A nonrefundable $500 deposit will be due upon the execution of a Project Services Agreement for initial grant searches, program designs, and proposal development options.

  • The entire $500 deposit will be credited toward the total cost of the grant proposal, program or project design.

  • BCD will charge an hourly fee based on the size & scope of the grant proposal or project, with 50% due when writing has begun, and the balance due upon delivery of the proposal to the agency.

  • If the grant proposal is unsuccessful, BCD will credit up to $1,000 toward a second proposal. 

  • BCD will provide organizations/individuals several options to reduce the cost (e.g., assistance with research, etc.) 

  • On delivery, BCD will ask the organization/entity to sign a document which states that they accept responsibility for what has been written in the proposal and agree with the requirements of the funding source.

  • BCD will also ask for a letter of recommendation for all grants that are successful, and often get letters before the awards are announced.  This is for the BCD "credibility file" for new clients. 

* Special pricing packages may be available for the following: Organizations with budgets under $150,000; mutually negotiated daily rates; discounted governmental rates for large federal projects; and discounts available for multiple grant projects with an agency.   Request additional information …