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Frequently Asked Questions (continued)
Why is there a need to hire a professional grant writer to write proposals?

Acquiring funding through the grant process is hard work. There are many factors to consider in order to be given grant support, and it is important to attract the attention of the funding organization to approve your request over other hopefuls. Given these instances, one needs expertise in the writing of the proposal. Professional writers understand the need of every applicant for grant funding. They are trained and skilled in converting your ideas into effectively written proposals.

Is a grant the answer to my entire financial problem?

Not necessarily. As stated above, writing a grant application requires hard work, and it is being submitted into a climate of tight competition. For this reason, among others, those interested in applying for grants should first answer these questions before applying for a grant: 

  • Can my problem be solved by fundraising?  Consider fundraising before making a request for a grant – this may get you faster results.
  • Can I apply for loans?  Apply for loans before applying for grants. Usually, only individuals with “bad credit” aren’t given loan approvals – and if you have bad credit, you may not be able to pass the requirements needed to be eligible for a grant.

Why do government and private organizations give out grants?

The federal government gives out money to people who can clearly point out the benefits of their proposed project, such as generating more jobs and reducing homelessness and poverty in the country.   As jobs increase, more people will pay their taxes and these taxes will in turn be used in providing structures for the development of cities, states, and counties.  These taxes help the government perform their programs, like granting loans and providing assistance and services to the public.

Private organizations award grants to particular individuals and organizations that share the same mission and vision as theirs. These help them accomplish their mission better and enable them to utilize their resources more efficiently as they perform and carry out their social responsibilities.

What is a LOI?

A “Letter of Intent” (also, “Letter of Inquiry”) is a brief outline of the proposed project that requires funding. It explains to the funder in 2-3 pages the main aspects of the proposal. Some foundations require this letter as the initial point of contact.  The foundation will then reply and let the organization know when, and if, it would like to receive a full proposal.

Do you send the grants to the foundations/funders for us?

No.  Each letter must be printed on organizational letterhead and signed by an officer or director. We do not do any mailing of proposals. Additionally, it is important for the foundation to recognize and develop a relationship with the organization's representative(s).

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